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• The aspirator reacts automatically to any working anomaly which can be dangerous for the machine proper functioning. A display shows the current working parameters of the machine during the aspiration.
• Neither peripheral units nor electrical starter are necessary for the installation of Turbo-Smart in parallel. Upgrading by means of a password can be carried out anytime on both new and used machines. Head values can be set by the dentist himself, according to his needs. Each suction machine can service a variable number of dental units depending on different parameters: diameter and length of the piping, number of bends, brand of the dental unit (requirements concerning aspiration can vary), therefore the number of dental units we suggest should not be considered as binding.
For cold climates and outdoor installations, on request the machine can be fitted with an antifreeze device.

Available models in the catalogue
Turbo-Smart version “A” without box
Password to turn Turbo-Smart version “A” into version “B”
Hydrocyclone ISO 18
Turbo-Smart supplementary silencer
Plastic box for Turbo-Smart (indoor installation)
Sound-proof box for outdoor installation
Box for outdoor installation
Antifreeze device for Turbo-Smart

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