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Micro-Smart CUBE and Turbo-Smart CUBE

The aspirator CUBE range have small dimensions and more quit if compared to the previous models, but the power remains the same, thanks to the new technology. As a matter of fact it is not possible to have power and energy saving without the inverter, electronic devices, computer and software; the last two are necessary to control operating head and flow values, to get the active autoprotection and the self-testing as well as energy saving, to be environmentally friendly and to have a remote control to monitor the aspirator functioning , having the possibility to intervene, if necessary. If any problem occurs as for feeding, work and use conditions, the aspirators set in active autoprotection mode, modifying automatically the running parameters in order to solve the emergency and automatically sets back the programmed functions when the emergency is over.

Available models in the catalogue
Micro-Smart CUBE
Turbo-Smart CUBE