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CATTANI Air Care horizontal oil-less compressors COMPRESSORS WITH CE CERTIFICATIONS

Standard specifications of all oil-less compressors

• All CATTANI/ESAM standard compressors are oil-less and equipped with 4 filters, which guarantee high-quality pure dry compressed air.
• On demand the sterilizing filter can be fi tted to all models.
• Tanks are coated with alimentary resin for a good conservation of the air.
• The asyncronous motors are manufactured according to I.E.C. – EN – 60034 – 1 (2006-5) regulations and UL 1004 regulations for North America.
• The noise-reducing plastic cover reduces the sound pressure level from 4 to 9 dB (A), according to the compressor model.
• The horizontal 1, 2 and 3 cylinder compressors have replaced the same compressors in vertical version.

Available models in the catalogue
One cylinder compressor
Two cylinder compressor
Three cylinder compressor
Twin cylinder twin head compressor
Three cylinder twin head compressor
Three cylinder triple head compressor
Six cylinder twin head compressor
Six cylinder triple head compressor
Balston sterilizing filter